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We set out to become Uganda’s leading consulting firm specializing in the provision of services for private and public-sector organizations with specific emphasis on research, project management and finance management

A different angle for every solution

We prioritise tasks, adapt and immerse ourselves

Attention to detail

Guided execution

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Behind the brand

Our Values

Our Vision

To Create Value that Delivers Excellence.


"Bronkar" is the brand under which Bronkar (U) Limited operates and provides consulting services. ‘Organizations exist to create value to customers and stakeholders!’ We pride ourselves in the ability to engage organization’s leadership in developing and implementing initiatives that create business value.

2nd Floor, Prime Building
Plot 1260, 1264, Kyanja on Kisaasi-Kyanja Road
Near Prime Fuel Station
P.O. Box 21413, Kampala
TEL: +256 414 664822/ +256 782 665971 /+256 706 807878
Email: [email protected]
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